Sprogo – The Prison of Women For Becoming Girls

This crime In opposition to some Danish females stemmed from the suggestions of Eugenics. No doubt about it. On the other hand, it also was fed by out of date concepts of women and sexuality. In equally instances it was an attempt to continue to keep culture no cost of “degenerate persons” which meant individuals who experienced from inherited health problems, primarily of a psychological character. To enable these “sub-individuals” breed would be to endanger society and that experienced to be stopped at all expenses.

It occurred in the starting of the 1900th century and officially it stopped in 1961 when the notorious habit of interring females who were considered “retarded” finished. Up til then the morally suspects – i.e. “eliminate” ladies – ended up on the compact island of Sprogoe (: Sprogo). Adult males have been sent to a further island by the name of Livoe (: Livø). Aspect of this must have been for punishment of “immorality”, but the major motive for this cruelty was the want to shield the modern society at significant from “poor, defected genes”. For them to be permitted to have kids was a struggle which they had been certain to lose. Their fact was that they were being not enable eliminate from the island without the need of getting sterilized and those of them who previously experienced kids most typically misplaced the right to even see them. Also since these youngsters ended up place up for adoption and have been predicted to split off connections with their immoral mothers.

Some of these gals left the island on their very own which value them their life: They set out on an try to escape by swimming. However, none seems to have succeeded in this risky exploit. What is so unfortunate is that what attained the women of all ages the name of “retarded” was their way of residing. To be a woman and to have lovers was in itself an sign that they ended up mentally faulty. It is a backward way of considering rooted in previous fashioned issues about women of all ages and sexuality. One’s desire to consider that this occurred a number of hundred many years back again in time is assailed by info: It did not stop until finally 1961 which usually means 9 several years right before the “Redstockings” started their feministic steps which went on into the 1980’ies.

One may well question at the explanations these girls had been thought of fitting inmates on an island like Sprogoe. On the other hand, but what brought them there is not diverse from some men’s daily life style. A person who had a kid out of wedlock was not interred the way a lady was probable to be. And it is ironic that the island often swarmed with adult men traveling to it in the hope of assembly some of these easy girls. Nobody seems to have imagined the assumed that someone environment sail and venturing out on an erotic expedition to meet up with immoral females was just as terrible as she was intended to be for a lot less.